• Closet
    Hospital / 10.1140.A.3040


    Stainless Steel closet with feet and 5 shelves.

    Stainless steel structure. 

  • Stool
    Hospital / 10.AD.1409.I


    Stool with gas damper, seat in Inox plate.

    Chrome plated bumper and aluminum round base. 

  • Mayo Instrument Table
    Hospital / 10.ME.1831

    Mayo Instrument Table

    Stainless steel Mayo Instrument table with hydraulic lifting.


  • Simple working Table
    Hospital / 10.MC.7150

    Simple working Table

    Simple working Table in Stainless steel

  • Simple working Table
    Hospital / 10.MC.7151

    Simple working Table

    Simple working table with basin in Stainless steel