• Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher
    Hospital / 10.MA.1790

    Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher

    Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher with mattress

  • Stretcher Trolley
    Hospital / 10.E.0373

    Stretcher Trolley

    Painted Stretcher Trolley with Stainless Steel Side rails

  • Bipartite stretcher
    Hospital / 10.MA.1725

    Bipartite stretcher

    Bipartite stretcher in Stainless steel with mattress, Bottle Support

  • Transportation stretcher
    Hospital / 10.MA.1710

    Transportation stretcher

    Stretcher for transporting patients with painted trolley

  • Corpses Trolley
    Hospital / 10.MA.1780

    Corpses Trolley

    Corpses Trolley in stainless steel with fabric hood